Thirsty Thursday: is it vegan?

Vegan alcohol does exist and it isn't hard to find! But why isn't it vegan to begin with?

Sadly many beers and wines are processed with animal products, such as egg whites, isinglass (fish bladder) and gelatin.

Lucky for you anyone who enjoys hard liquor, these are virtually all vegan. is a great site that lets you easily search any alcohol brand, to let you know if it is vegan or not. Below are some popular beers and wines that are vegan, cheers!


  • Coors and Coors Light

  • Miller Lite, High-Life, & Genuine Draft

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

  • Yuengling

  • New Belgium

  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager

  • 21st Amendment


  • Charles Shaw (red wines only)

  • Frey Vineyards

  • Lumos Wine

  • Red Truck Wines

  • The Vegan Vine

  • Yellowtail (red wines only; not white or rosé)