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So are Figs vegan?

Its not uncommon to be surprised that something you once thought was vegan, actually contains

animal products. It seems like the list of non-vegan items just keeps growing, Figs though were not something I thought were up for debate.

Do I sound crazy telling you a natural, unprocessed FRUIT may very well be non-vegan, sure. But that decision is totally up to you. Is it true that edible figs can contain at least one female wasp per fruit? Yes, an enzyme known as Ficin breaks down the wasp carcass long before it reaches your plate, or even leaves the tree. But before you totally cut figs from your life, lets hear them out..

Two words, Fig Wasp. This species of wasp lives within fig trees. Pollinating the fig fruit. Without Fig Wasps there would be no figs. Though many vegetarians and vegans choose not to eat figs, the processes and cycle though odd is completely natural! Just like bees pollinate flowers, wasp pollinate figs.

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